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Social Media Marketing for Financial Advisors

I’m not going to tell you how to do it… and I’m not going to tell you that it’s necessary, I’m going to give you tips… and facts. You can decide to do it yourself or I will do it for you! Have any good tips to add, be my guest.

Integrate, Integrate, Integrate … this seems to be my favorite word… but I can’t stress this enough because IT WORKS! INTEGRATE all your traditional marketing plans and support them with social media. Adding links from all your social media platforms to your emails, website and interactions. Let people know they can use the site to get useful information, ask questions or make an appointment. ALL this from integrating BUT , when it comes to personal questions and with compliance rules, take the conversation off line and speak to them on the phone.

Doing your own Social Media Marketing:

Produce new blog entries on a regular basis… your followers are always looking for new and exciting information.
Understand what a conversation is Customer feedback is your first indication that someone is interested… respond. It’s like having a lead and not calling the prospect back.

• Focus on making quality connections with your new friends to build a quality, responsive network.

• TAG your twitters when you can. A hashtag # will put you in with groups that are interested in what you have to say. Decide what hashtag you want to be known as… make it unique if possible and include it on all you posts. Encourage your followers to use the hashtag as well.

• Add to Your Audience: Do you understand the audience you’re targeting? Know their demographics and your target your audience… remember to track the progress you are making.

• Interact with your readers, it’s like networking… be seen as a real person to keep communications going. Go over your content so that you know it looks professional. When posts go viral online, even an embarrassing typo could prove very detrimental to your reputation.

• Starting your social media campaign: Go with one platform and add on. Multiple websites can be used to integrate your message.

DID YOU KNOW : 72% of adults who use the internet also use Social Media?

Have a separate Social Media account for your business… most Compliance rules want you to have a separate account. Social Media is constantly changing and you have to be diligent about keeping up. It’s a learning process.

• Engage your followers and respond to comments.

• Thank them for their mentions and reposts.

• Photos if you can… images increase engagement. A post with a photo increases your engagement by 37%.

• Integrate your campaigns with social media.

• Include social media on your collateral material. Such as: mailings, brochures, print ads – they can all have your social media platforms on them. This is a great way to create a community!

• Focus instead of making quality connections with your new friends to build a quality, responsive network.

• Be social by engaging people frequently on networks.

• Don’t talk about yourself.

• Link your blogs posts back to your website and comment on interesting posts from others. You can share this content across multiple social networks.

• Creating value for others makes you valuable to your clients and their network of followers.

• Be transparent to attract similar individuals and grow your practice network.

• Social media, relationships are key. Communication is the way people stay connected. You need to BLOG! Don’t have the time to blog? Think of having an expert in your niche write them for you.

• Blog or be a guest blogger and make sure that you have a link to your website.

• Twitter: Make your tweets interesting… you can cover a huge range of topics related to your business and fun things. Use emotion where you can, most people like a good laugh or cry. The key to Twitter success is posting quality content frequently.

• Content: If you are going to write it be inspiring, educational and interesting to want your followers to share it. When you share your content followers who share help you build your community.

• Having a workshop? Create excitement for the workshop by posting about them on social networks. Inform your followers in advance and link to your website for sign up.

• Before you launch your campaign, experiment with different platforms and formats you may want to use. Eventually you will find the most effective social media marketing or your practice’s workshop.

• Always integrate keywords and relevant links. Again, INTEGRATE… your potential client should be directed to your website or social media page.

• Try for catchy headlines to your post. It is the first thing the reader will see’s.

• Make your content humorous, I know it’s hard when it comes to Financial advice… but post something NOT financial… something you have an attachment too, a pet project, a charity or even a joke or cartoon… people like to share information when it is given a humorous twist.

• Don’t share political content with your readers. While it may seem like a good way to express your personality you never know who it might offend.

• Add a widget to your site to maximize its SMM potential. Adding a widget to your site is a powerful way to gain followers for your site.

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