Social Media Dictionary…or terms: Are you familiar with these terms? You should know them if you are going to partake in Social Media Marketing. The use of social media to interact with prospects and clients is a differentiator for YOU!


Being able to describe, predict or improve what you are doing based on past performance.


Are you allowing your prospects to get to know you? This is important when you write you blogs and have us post them…. Is the real YOU coming out?


What are your prospects doing when they come to your website?

Brand Awareness

How your audience associates your products or services. DO they recognize you based on your logo or service?


The information you provide on your sites and status updates…. It relevant to your target market?


How many of your prospects are becoming your clients?


The awareness you create when you post new ideas and thoughts.

Cost per Click

A (CPC) when you advertise on Google or any of the search engines this is what you pay when anyone clicks on your site.


Your cost for impressions, normally per thousand for 1,000 people to actually see you add on a social media site.

Editorial Calendar

If you’re posting you should have one…. We have one for you. It’s a schedule to organize your posts on multiple platforms.


A code you use to display a video or photo on one platform while it is being hosted by your website.


Want to hear from others…. You have to partake in the discussion, post or update your comments and share with others.


Where are you posting your update from… they will automatically label your location and if you are searched for your ad will come up in the geographical area.


The # sign that you put in front of a word to classify a topic of conversation. The hashtag will turn into a link for a search thread of your message. You can use them on most of the platforms.


Connect with your views by integrating your marketing with social media and your website.


Yes… how do you score as a social media influencer?

Landing Page

This is your lead capture page… the singe web page that appears when a client or prospect enters your website.


Are you enhancing your social media platforms with the “best” possible information so that when others are searching they can find you easily?


Where are you showing up online?


Where the communication for a given article is initiated by you… in contrast to pull where there is a request that is initiated by the receiver or client.


How many people actually saw your post or status update.


Are what you build when you communicate with others online.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Words

Keywords… long and short tail .


Are you sharing an or post from someone else? Remember to give them credit for their work.


A label for a person or topic that a post is referring to. Most platforms allow you to tag people in a comment or status update.


How many prospects are coming to your website?


If you’ve gone “Viral” that means that your content was shared by others on social platforms very fast… GOOD FOR YOU!


A blog in the form of a video… dialogue makes it more fun!

Financial Advisor Terms that YOU NEED TO KNOW when it comes to Social Media:


The god of your regulations. Since you are posting with restricted conditions regulated by FINRA and the SEC you must watch all of your correspondence and status updates. Arrangements must be made with an archiving company so that your broker/dealer knows what you are discussing online at any point in time.

Financial Blog

Are you creating a blog? Communicating with your clients and prospects? Create a blog to keep your clients up-to-the-minute with valuable information.

Financial Hashtag

$ the dollar sign before a company’s abbreviated stock market name.

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