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Social Media Marketing… Word-Of-Mouth… For Financial Advisors

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If you really think about it “Word of Mouth” was the original social media platform. It was powerful and could hold its own to “influence” almost anyone about a business.

The word here is INFLUENCE… and the truth is that that INFLUENCE is measurable and has a direct impact on your practice… your brand, your name and what you stand for.

How does this relate to social media… if you think about it, your “word of mouth” on social media is just about the same? You can have hundreds of followers and friends, but without quality engagement what does that really mean. Who are you talking to?

The idea is to INFLUENCE your audience, followers and friends, so that they are engaged in your conversations. You need to feed them, CONTENT that they are looking for, that will influence their decisions and pass that information on to others. It’s a person-to-person influence you are looking for. You want your thoughts shared among your audience and their friends.

As we all know, you can connect with many, it’s a matter of who your connect with and what you do after your connected:

• Engage with your followers … we need to engage in conversation. Not only can you start that conversation, but you can deliver information in a conversation that will cause others to read or listen to what you say and respond. Think of what matters most… You also have that opportunity – it‘s a matter of whether you are willing to watch what others have to say and respond to them—THUS, conversation and the opportunity to INFLUENCE!

• Equip them with information…. if you want to INFLUENCE you need to give the audience something to think about, a reason to talk to you. If you understand your audience it will make it much easier to provide them with something that they would normally not receive… a great story, funny anecdotes, and unbelievable facts that they would not find elsewhere or even insider knowledge about a product you are familiar with. BUT… beware, compliance is watching, so feed them information, but nothing that can get you in trouble. Think of this as a conversation with a stranger, would you give them information that can come back and haunt you. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY!

• Empower them, make them feel strong ….give them a reason to talk and share what you have to offer. Let them share with you their opinions about the subject. Let them share the information with friends… and get their opinions.

It’s amazing that social media can be a two Way Street; you not only are INFLUENCING but if you watch closely you are also collection information about your audience and what they want. If you can get your INFLUENCE across the WORD-Of- MOUTH will travel fast.

Let Marketech Interactive help you deliver your message. We integrate social media into your traditional marketing agenda.

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On August 18, 2015
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