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Social Media Marketing … HOW TO! Lunch & Learn … For Financial Advisors

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Social Media Marketing …HOW TO! Lunch & Learn …For Financial Advisors
Part 2

So we have the first part down… Our number one goal is knowing that INTEGRATING social media into your traditional marketing agenda will help you generate more reach of to prospective clients. AND it’s the right message that will get you there!


Our Traditional Plans:

• Your Theme: Are you giving a workshop, seminar or “on the spot” or a get together “Yoga at Dawn” ?

Your Audience: Are you targeting a specific audience? Make the workshop titles consistent to your audience’s interest.

• Your Message: Are you giving the 15 minute overall message or is a separate speaker going to be doing this? What is your message? Have it planned out and don’t forget to submit the syllabus to compliance for approval with any visuals you might be using.

• Your Schedule: Make it consistent… let’s say the 2nd Tuesday of every month, that way everyone knows what the plan is and to mark it on their calendars.

• Your Venue: Depending on your overall theme — an office boardroom, the park, a restaurant, all work well. Just watch the weather!

• Your Invitations: Make sure these go to compliance… to make the process easier, have your itinerary for the full event (yes, 4 or 5 weeks) on the one invitation.

• Your Secret Financer: Your wholesaler who is willing to co-op the events. Give him your approximate budget, if he is a wholesaler that your give business to, don’t take NO for an answer, he has a budget from the company that he can allocate the money from.

• Your Food: Yes, you have to serve food. If you’re going to have this in the office, finger food and cut up sandwiches are the easiest. After dinner– coffee and deserts work the easiest. In a restaurant make it a pre-set dinner menu that has the servers in and out of the room fast.

• You’re “Entourage”: Get everyone you know involved in planning the event and spreading the “word”. Yes, “word of mouth” is still the most notorious form of marketing.

Our Social Media Plans: share the event on any and all platforms you are registered on, and be sure to have your entourage ( your staff, friends, neighbors, kids and anyone you come in contact with) share it on theirs. Create the noise you need to make people take a second look. Have them on social media “retweeting” your tweets, on LinkedIN re-posting your invitation, on Facebook signing in for the event and on google+ commenting on what a great event the last one was.

• Twitter: The most exceptional platform for creating and generating eyeballs With 140 characters and the use of hash tags, getting the “word “out is faster. Know where to use that hash-tag and get to the heart of the matter, generate event awareness.

• LinkedIn: Great for financial advisors to post their events on. If you are looking for a specific audience, go into your connections and tag them. You can filter your invitations based on these tags. Send all those tags your invitations.

• LinkedIn: Perfect for posting your invitations in the status updates. Time your posts so that they go out on different days at different times. . Everyone has their own online viewing schedules let’s say Monday at 8:00 am, Tuesday at 11: 40 am, Wednesday at 4:30 pm Thursday at 5:30 pm Friday at 4:00 pm and once on a Saturday or Sunday.

• LinkedIn Groups: Don’t overpower the group, a posting once for a meeting is adequate. There is an administrator of the group who will be reviewing the invitation. Once it goes live, remember to check back daily for any messages directed toward your invitation… this is important.

• Facebook: Event posting is easy on Facebook… post the event on your page and have your entourage post it on theirs. Sign-up, talk and comment on-line about it. Create that noise, create a social endorsement of the event.

• Community Calendars: This takes research and time, but those invitations can be sent to community calendars… the “word” spreads when there is a topic on display that peaks an individual’s curiosity.

I’ve said it many times; INTEGRATING… social media into your traditional marketing is always important, it’s getting your word out there . Be sure to read our other blogs on

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