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    OUR MISSION is to Empower Financial Advisors to acquire assets, more clients, build relationships with prospects and interact and communicate with existing clients.

    SOCIAL MEDIA, is the most influential way to communicate in the 21st century.
    We Create… Strategize… Integrate… And PROMOTE!

Why You Need Us

We Don’t tell You How to Do It…

If: YOU’RE looking for help with your Financial Social Media Marketing Strategies.

If: TIME is your biggest challenge … you don’t have it to spare! TIME IS MONEY!

If: TECHNOLOGY frustrates you…you barely know how to actively participate.

If: EXPOSURE and TRAFFIC to your web site is what you need to generate momentum.

If: YOU WANT TO BE A LEADER in your niche… this IS where YOU want to be.

NOW OFF-LOAD your Social Media. It’s an “ever-changing, information gobbling”  world with immediate needs– it’s just not on your to-do list

• We Empower Financial Advisors… We help you acquire more clients and assets, build relationships with prospects and interact and communicate with existing ones.
• We help you build more effective INTEGRATED MARKETING campaigns using Social Media Sites, Google Alerts, E-Mail, Direct Mail, Presentations and Events

Yes! It takes work to become an Influencer, but the impact of being an Influencer will help accelerate the impact of your relationships on-line and help capture more assets.

What We Do

Create… Strategize… Integrate

We develop strategies to build YOUR client base! We integrate your website, social media platforms and email marketing to compliment your marketing strategies. OUR strategy is to help you show your clients and prospects how your services will benefit them.
Show your clients and prospects how you can address their goals and concerns and how to improve their lives. We target YOUR market, where they are. We want to engage them and develop a community for you online.  
Each Social Media Platform goes through the same process as shown in the graph. Each is personalized, socially relevant and content- driven to keep YOUR conversation’s going.


STEP 1: Your profile information for all platforms is put into a “ready to submit format” for compliance.

STEP 2: You submit it for compliance acceptance.

STEP 3: When it returns with a compliance number we upload it to the proper platforms.




• All postings of news, articles, blogs, status updates and public relations notices are on a scheduled calendar to coincide with your traditional marketing and business agenda.

• This is YOUR online communications with your clients… And a step up in building a community of prospects.
• All communications and posts are archived *
• And WE NOTIFY YOU of any correspondence needed back with contact information.
• We analyze social media metrics to determine what works “best” and modify our strategies for optimum recognition.

Platforms We Recommend

Social Media Platforms That We Recommend: These are Compliance Regulator * approved and Archived for your best interests. Choose to use one or as many platforms as you like. We turn your communications on to build your business community and acquire assets.

Your Website:

Your business site, philosophies and services. This is how YOU present yourself to the world. Be your most dynamic and compelling! Inform and motivate your clients and prospects with updates on what THEY want to know about.


There are numerous sources online… You want to let them know that you are watching and learning from them…. Give them the credit.


Be interconnected with a network of professionals and businesses. Be found and find others, be introduced and collaborate with 1,000’s.


is one of the easiest ways to build a robust community around your brand. Communicate with your co-workers, family and friends on a personal basis. Share information & events. Your posts link to content that they want to hear about.


DID YOU KNOW? That the fastest growing demographic on Social media is 35 +.


Instantly connect to the thousands who are waiting to hear NEW news- What do you have to say in 140 characters or less? It’s a great way to drive traffic to your website. You need quality & consistency for this be an influencer.


Share your videos with clients, friends, family, and the world. Put your idea’s into action with motion- graphics presentations . YouTube is an essential part of a complete online marketing strategy to engage your audience. When used correctly, YouTube can be a powerful tool to help build awareness for your practice.


Want to  provide commentary on a particular subject? Post a blog on YOUR website or post on other Social Media platforms to be considered a leader in your field.


Your system for sending messages to your existing clients or prospects. Create content to speak to them on a one-on-one personal level.


Promote what you have to say in a newsletter targeted toward your niche market and selected database of clients and prospects.


*Compliance Regulators are the G-d… of compliance. All social media must be submitted to your Broker/Dealer and be approved by your Broker/Dealer before it is put on the platform. With Social Media sites such as Linkedin,Facebook and Twitter only the static material must be submitted and approved…. all other material is archived. Ask us for a list of suggested guidelines to “compliancy”.

How to Get Started

What YOU NEED TO DO … it’s quite simple:
• Contact Us by phone, e-mail, or fill out our contact form
• Request an advisor profile questionnaire and complete it to the best of your ability…
Yes… it will take about an hour… but these are the questions we need answered in order to help you achieve your goals.
• Be prepared for a 30 minute phone conversation.
And we’re done… we take your information, make recommendations for your profile on various platforms and work on strategies to grow your client base. WE DO ALL THE WORK so that your social media platforms all work together to send that cohesive message to your online community of clients and prospects.

Remember …… WE DO IT FOR YOU.

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What You Need to Know

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Want to Learn More?

Gayle Barr

MarkeTech Interactive began in 2010, working with small businesses on their social media marketing. In 2012, financial advisors began to be permitted to use Social Media Marketing. It became a frustration to many advisors (including my husband who is a Financial Advisor), wanting to be up to the minute in technology and not having the “time” or personnel. MTI spent several months becoming familiar with many of the corporate compliance rules and regulations, as they relate to social media.

MarkeTech works very closely with financial advisors to create, develop and implement compliant social media marketing strategies to increase revenue, decrease marketing expenses and build a community of clients and prospects. MTI provides turnkey and customized social media management on all platforms, websites, email marketing and content strategy.


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MarkeTech Interactive, Inc. and its employees and independent contractors are not responsible for the decisions or actions, taken by any user of its services or recommendations. Users are solely responsible for their own social media, and the resulting implications, thereof, and hold MarkeTech Interactive Inc. and its employees and independent contractors harmless from any and all legal, financial and monetary damages, that might arise from said use of its services. MarkeTech Interactive Inc. and its employees and independent contractors are not affiliated nor represent and Financial Institutions, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Gold Mail, Faulkner Media, Forefield, Erado, Compliance Regulators, or any other social media site or third party applications, that might be recommended or used by its clients.
It is the responsibility of all Financial Advisors to comply with Compliance rules, FINRA and SEC rules and regulations as it applies to social media.


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